Our Olive oil

Directly on lake garda,
for your holiday in the sign of relaxation and sport

The Magical Journey of the Olives

During the summer the beauty and shade provided by the olives trees (planted by Nicola and Cesarina Maroadi in 1954) helps our guests to enjoy a lovely holiday, near the shore of lake Garda.
In the months of November and December we start to pick the olives. A “mechanic hand” gently pulls the olives off the branches onto a big plastic sheet.
The olives are put then into boxes and are brought to the “frantoio” in Riva del Garda. Here the olives go under a magical process and are transformed into olive oil.

Here it comes... one of the finest and purest olive oil in the whole world:
"l’oio del Nick"

Olio extra vergine d’oliva - by Camping Maroadi!

For more information please ask in the office.